Schedule Status (Weekend of April 15th)

Despite what I promised in the comments of the Part Two, Part Three will not be posted this weekend. It will be posted on April 22nd. Part Four will (unless circumstances change), be posted on April 29th. After that, we will start the normal fortnightly schedule which was originally intended.

The reasons for the lack of update this weekend are numerous, but (as those of you who follow me on Twitter may have heard) essentially boil down to editing. I have a great deal of the storyline already written or mapped out, but as the time approached to post Part Three, I realized that it needed significant edits before going live. This is because the bulk of Part Three stems from earlier drafts of the story, and many parts of it have now been made outdated by later rewrites.

Initially, I thought I could still make the Saturday deadline. When it became clear that wouldn’t happen, I committed to posting on Sunday. But then I realized that doing so would just mean I was depriving myself of the opportunity to perform the extensive editing that I wanted. So I’m delaying the update a week to give myself more time to do so.

Apologies for the handful of existing regular readers out there. Once we get onto the less frantic fortnightly update schedule, slips like this shouldn’t happen as often (or at all, hopefully).

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