About the Story

Newshound is an urban fantasy web serial written by M.T. Bade. Updates are posted on weekends, with at least one new chapter every two weeks. (This is a minimum rate, and it is entirely possible for the update frequency to be higher.) Chapters are around 2000 words long on average.

Newshound takes place in a world very similar to our own, with one critical difference: souls are real, the subject of scientific study, and the basis of all magic and much technology. The primary protagonist and narrator is Heather Stone, a werewolf and a journalist working for the Sonoran Reporter. The story follows her life and exploits as she struggles to navigate through the daily chaos of the modern world, all while sticking her nose – figuratively and literally – into every bit of trouble she can find.

Newshound contains a number of mature themes, subjects, and scenes, which may not be suitable for some readers. Graphic depictions of shapeshifting, violence against humans and animals, discussion of politics and religion, strong language, alcohol and drug use, and professional poker are among the many things that appear, or are likely to appear, in this story.

About the Author

M.T. Bade is a college student, amateur author, and dedicated stamp non-collector living in Phoenix, Arizona. His previous work includes a number of articles and short stories for the SCP Foundation Wiki, written under the screen name GreenWolf. While he enjoys almost all forms of speculative fiction, his favorite genres are urban fantasy and cyberpunk. He credits William Gibson (Neuromancer), Terry Pratchett (Discworld), Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), Carrie Vaughn (The Kitty Norville Series), and Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101) as the greatest inspirations and influences for his writing, and highly recommends all of their works.

He thinks talking about himself in the third person is really weird.

Legal Disclaimers

Any similarities between this work and reality are intentional. Obviously. That’s kind of the point of being set in a world “very similar to our own”. That being said, this is a work of fiction. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, nothing depicted here is meant to be interpreted as a factual statement about real people, organizations, places, or events. Any mentions of public figures, brands, or companies are done for the sake of verisimilitude, and are not intended to convey any endorsement by or of them.

Newshound and all other content on this site, unless otherwise specified, is copyright 2017 M.T. Bade. Derivative works of visual art (“fanart”) are permitted, so long as they are non-commercial in nature and provide attribution. Other forms of derivative work, including derivative literary works (“fanfiction”), require the express consent of the author. All other rights are reserved.